I am not one who writes reviews especially for an acupuncturist but I suffer from excessive damage from (2) motorcycle accidents that resulted in numerous fractures in my hips, back, sacrum, and lower pelvis.
I have tried various treatment and medication to ease my pain including multiple injections and chiropractors and massage treatment to no avail.

My pain management Dr. recommended acupuncture as a treatment for years.
Not knowing anything about it I went online to read various reviews to search for the best reviews that I could believe. Obviously, I did not want to waste any time or money with someone who could not relieve my pain.
Finally, I found Dr Kwan Chong in Barrington had a holistic approach that seemed to be producing results according to his reviews.

I gave him a call out of desperation to ease my pain and he agreed to meet with me that very day! I think he heard the pain and desperation in my voice.As soon as I met with Kwan Chong he quickly assessed my health and conditions and began to tell me aspects of what was causing my pain, he almost intuitively knew what I have been going through and what medical challenges I had- all this without me telling him any of this as this was our first meeting!

One of the biggest things that impressed me about him is his calm style and confidence in his ability to improve my overall health both in mind and body. He has the ability to unravel the true causes of your pain to treat multiple layers and was able to reduce my pain by 70% by first treatment!!

Now I know this may sound like an “as seen on tv” infomercial but he actually has reduced my pain significantly…he is deeply knowledgeable and precise.

If you have tried just about everything else for pain relief, I would highly recommend visiting Holistic Acupuncture in Barrington and let Dr. Kwan Chong help you. His treatments are simply amazing!
After all these years of dealing with pain, he has finally put me on the road to healing.

Scott C.

I am a 48year old Financial executive who was diagnosed with Hoshmoto’s Disease(Hypothyroidism) 10 years ago. After several increases in thyroid medication dosages, severe fatigue and memory issue, I made the decision to seek an alternative to traditional western medicine. Dr. Chong had solid recommendations and impressive training in Acupuncture and Holistic medicine.

We started treatment in December, 2016 with twice weekly visits and later added some herbal medicine as well. From January-June 2017, I have had FOUR reductions in thyroid medication dosage after bloodwork showed my level moved to the opposite end of the spectrum. I feel like a different person. The mental fog has lifted, I sleep well and have good levels of energy. I have also been able to lose 42 pounds(and counting) now that my body is functioning properly.

Dr.Chong is thoughtful in his treatment approach. He checks on you regularly, both during and after treatment. Bring your most challenging health issues to Dr.Chong, he can make a positive difference in your life.

Kelly E.

Pain Relief

Hello Dr. Chong,

I want to thank you for opening your practice in Barrington. For had you not opened it I would of not benefited for your Accupunture. You see I am a 6th degree Taekwondo master, a 2 time US Nationals Gold medalist. I have taught Martial Arts in the northwest suburbs, Northshore and Barrington for over 25 years. Over time I had developed arthritis and cronic hip problems where I had pain in my hip flexor from just sitting for even short periods of time. Doctors told me that I’d have hip problems for the restof my life and suggested a hip replacement. Doctor Chong you have taken away my pain and restored my flexibility which doctors had told me would never return. I had this pain for the last 7 years and in just 4 weeks you’ve taken it away.I am enjoying returning to my normal activities and working out.Doctor Chong’s your skill in acupuncture is amazing and life changing.I will recommend you to everyone I know or that I hear about who has ankle, knee, hip or back problems or acne.

  – Master S. Morris

Based on my experience with Dr. Chong, I am pleased to provide this anecdotal testimonial.

I contacted Dr. Chong after straining my back. He attributed this strain to respiratory issues; what he did not when doing so is that I was concurrently battling a lingering case of the flu that persisted over 5 weeks and had just recovered from a superimposed bacterial upper respiratory tract infection.

As a physician, I have been impressed by his abilities to uncover items from my medical history and draw astute and accurate connections. He is professional, genuine, and has a quiet confidence that is very reassuring. Importantly, he also has excellent bedside manner.

Within 24 hours of my initial session, the viral upper respiratory infection resolved and my low back improved significantly. After my second session that same week, my low back symptoms resolved and I felt rejuvenated. Per my experience thus far and the emerging literature on acupuncture, I anticipate seeking long-term care from Dr. Chong.

  – Andres Quintero, MD

I am a pharmacist and have to stand on my feet for 8-10 hours per day. I had severe nerve pain in my right toe. This pain kept me up all night and was very distracting during the day. I was on Ambien for sleep, Vicodin for pain and Requip the nerve pain. All these chemical therapies did not help. I was going to stronger medications and finally (after 6 months) said this has got to stop. The more medications that you take the more side effect you will have. Namely drowsiness with these drugs.

Being a pharmacist I looked at acupuncture very skeptically. What we are taught in the medical industry, that drugs do work for various disease state conditions.

Well, they did not in my case. Dr Kwan did however help me. He used acupuncture on me and within 5 sessions the pain had gone from 7on a pain scale of 10 down to a 2 or 1.

I highly recommend Dr Kwan for people who are looking for pain relief without loading themselves on the various drug pain killers.

  – Peter S. Norton D.Ph. FASCP.

I am a 26 year old woman that ended up injuring my back from Zumba. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me some strong pain killers and steroids. The medication wasn’t helping and each day it was hard to sit, stand, and walk. I finally looked into acupuncture as my mother swore by it and told me it would greatly help me. I was worried about the needles but was in so much pain I decided to give it a try. I found Dr. Chong online and was intrigued by his testimonials, education, and years of experience. I gave him a call and he was able to see me almost immediately which was a huge relief. Dr. Chong was very knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process. After the first visit my pain had noticeably decreased and I was starting to feel better. Dr. Chong followed up with me to make sure I was feeling better the next day. He truly cares about his patients and their well-being. It is hard to find a doctor that truly gets to know their patient and works to not only fix their issue but improve their day to day life. I went for a second visit and my pain was completely gone. It was amazing. I started off as someone very skeptical and scared to someone who believes in it and is now having her husband go to get help with his digestion. Thank you Dr. Chong for helping me get back to myself.

  – Natalie Labanowski, Training Supervisor, HomeCare Customer Service, Medline Industries, Inc.

While visiting in Arizona this winter, my daughter introduced my husband and myself to cupping. It seemed helpful to us so on our return home I looked for someone close by who provided such treatment. I found Dr. Chong online and called him. He was able to get us in right away. My husband has several continuing health issues such as lymphoedema, digestion issues, a hiatal hernia and much pain from past surgeries as well as these issues. I have pain in my shoulder from old injuries and migraines. After our first visit with Dr.Chong, my husband and I both left there feeling as if we were walking on clouds and pain free.My husband has had no feeling in his arm for 6 years because of removal of an excessive amount of lymph nodes. After a few treatments from Dr. Chong, he now has feeling in his arm again. He has more energy and is taking less pain medication. Dr. Chong totally relieved me of a horrid migraine the last time I saw him. I have had migraines for years. I have seen various doctors, taken various medications, been to chiropractors and received naprapath. I have never had immediate relief from a migraine until Dr. Chong’s treatment. I walked out of his office with absolutely no migraine .Dr Chong attributes his abilities to God. I truly believe Dr. Chong has a gift and he definitely has a gentle caring way about him. I bless the day we found him.

  – Ruth Igyarto

After cross-country skiing in February of 2014, I hurt my left thumb. The pain was unbearable. Little movements such as folding clothes or holding a coffee mug could bring me near tears. I was diagnosed with tendonitis and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. The pain dulled sometimes but never went away, even when the thumb was at rest. It affected all that I did, even sleeping. I had graston treatments, stretching exercises, you name it and still pain. Over a year later, someone recommended Dr. Chong. After two acupuncture treatments with Dr. Chong the pain is gone. GONE! It is an unbelievable experience. To anyone suffering with pain, I recommend Dr. Chong.

  – Debbie S.

I have been suffering from severe fibromyalgia for a few years now. It happened out of nowhere and flipped my world and dreams upside down.I had to put my life on hold. I have seen countless doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and not one of them has helped. I was at my whits end until I met Dr. Kwan Chong. He has fulfilled all my needs and more. He really takes the time and interest in his patients. My mind, body and spirit are at an all-time high. I went from laying in my bed all day to getting my life back. My pain is becoming less and less with each treatment and I couldn’t be happier. I have never left an appointment without a huge smile on my face and calmness throughout my body.

  – Madeline Potts, 22 yrs old

“My name is Chris Devuono. For over two years I have had many, many medical problems, and have searched for many solutions. For over two years, due to a massive sports related injury my life was completely flipped around. The injury affected me in many places. I had Post-Concussion Syndrome, double vertigo, whip lash, urological problems, stomach problems, heart problems, and I have had a constant headache for over two years. I tried Physical Therapy, a Chiropractor, Sports Medicine, Neurological medicine, Urology department, Psychiatric department, veggie detoxes, all kinds of western and alternative medicine, along with the slow passage of time, but nothing was working. For over two years I had one constant splitting headache, I was always dizzy, my spine was severely misaligned, I urinated blood that burned like crazy, my stomach developed many serious problems, my heart was irregularly pounding and “screaming”. My entire body was ready to give out, then a miracle happened. My Dad and Uncle found Dr. Kwan Chong, Acupuncturist. Dr. Chong was the ONLY DOCTOR who was finally able to give me relief. Dr. Chong drastically brought down the pain in my head, brought my mind back into reality, took away my dizziness, healed my stomach, regulated my heart, realigned my spine, and in addition to healing every symptom of my body-mind, he also expanded my spiritual-consciousness. He healed me and expanded my consciousness. Dr. Chong, is a marvel of marvels, better then any eastern, western, new age doctor or therapist I have ever had, and he is also an amazing spiritual healer. Dr. Chong heals not only the physical, but also the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual, completely. I have never before witnessed or even heard of a more well rounded, educated, compassionate healer than doctor Chong. He healed my body-mind, my emotional distress, and my inner being. And because of him, I decided to go to medical school and study Neurology and become a doctor. Dr. Chong is healer.”

  – Chris DeVuono

We recommend Dr Kwan Chong for healing therapy
My husband met with car an accident in 2013 and 2015. both times he herniated disks. He was in terrible pain and pain meds are giving side effects. He was treated by Dr Kwan through Acupuncture treatment, Cupping and Tuna massage. His symptoms were controlled immediately. His pain levels have come down to 3-4 from 8-10. Dr. Kwan spends time and treats with holistic approach. He has gifted healing hands. We strongly recommend Dr Kwan to anyone going through difficulty with western medicine

  – Dessi Bush DeVuono

I teach aerobic dance at community college and private club. For the last few years I developed knee pain. At first I controlled it by taking pain killers like tylenol and advil etc. Later the pain increased so much and I began to visit doctors and the finding was that protective meniscus between the bones were getting worn out bone to bone. I followed as doctors recommended but there was no much help. Then I found acupuncturist Chong’s clinic. I received a few treatments and I began to have substantial relief from the knee pain. Right now that is the only way for me to get relief from such a terrible pain on my knees. I still teach aerobic dance at community college and private clubs. I recommend Dr. Chong’s holistic acupuncture to anybody who has joint pains.

  – Michelle

I originally went to Kwan for a pain in my hand. After a few visits the pain was gone. He has helped me with many pains over the past 6 years. The one that amazes me the most is when I had mono and the virus got into my brain. I was only able to say 3 words before I would start to stutter. I was working with my doctor and he could not figure it out. I don’t know why but I forgot to see Kwan. After the first visit I was able to say 5 words. Slowly but surely I was able to get back to normal. By the time I got to the neurologist to find out the results of the MRI showing I had inflammation on my brain (6 weeks later) I was almost back to normal with the help of Kwan.

  – Kevin W.

After my conversion to Christianity, I became an active church builder in my region in India. One day while we were working in strong hindu-village, one of those village people used bamboo club against my friend. I protected my friend from the blow of cruel village guy with my back. I felt extreme pain with thundering on my back and I lost my consciousness for four days. It took a few months for me to walk around still with extreme pain. Many years passed and I came to USA. I still felt extreme pain on my back. I met my friend Kwan Chong while I had worked at Alexian Brothers Medical Center as a chaplain. We were in same class for CPEC. Then I received a few treatment on my back from him. I was healed completely. About 5 years later I had to visit hospital for the side effect of medicine I was taking. Then at the hospital they took X-ray for my spine and the orthopedic doctor said, “Wow, it is impossible for you to walk around. Your backbone is totally out of place and squeezes your spinal nerve. I explained about the acupuncture treatment I received from my friend Kwan, and then he took Kwan’s phone number to hear what really had been done in my healing. Anyway according to orthopedic doctor, for me to walk around without pain is a a miracle. I really appreciate my friend Kwan Chong.

  – Chaplain Jason

I had been skeptical of Eastern Medicine. Here is my story. When I visited China about 20 years ago, we stopped by Chinese medicine place as one of the stops of group tour in Shanghai. They measured our pulse and a few other places of the body then they began to explain about each visitor’s health conditions. Then they tried to sell some weird medicine and acupuncture treatment. To me all they said about tourists including my wife and me sounded like general descriptions about somewhat aging people. I was not bought by what they said. Years passed and I got to know Dr. Kwan Chong through Church connection and when he visited me he explained about the effect of acupuncture. At that time I had bad knee pain for many years. After he tested one of my fingers, he inserted a small needle on one of my fingers very shallowly. Then I began to feel relief on my right knee. About 15 minutes later I tried to clime up and down the stairs and the pain was gone. I could not believe such a complete healing with one small needle. More than 10 years passed and now I still don’t have that kind of pain I used to have. Still pain free! Though he said that my case is somewhat unusual, ever since I experienced such a healing power of acupuncture I have shared my testimony with my friends and neighbors. I truly thank holistic healer Dr. Chong.

  – Clark T.


My husband Tim and I did not have baby for the first 6 years of our marriage. I was pressured by the good will and expectation of my loved ones. My sisters in law and aunts were telling us that they were going to babysit for us so that our career might not be negatively influenced. We tried IV treatment two times already but without success. Finally I found Dr. Chong’s clinic, holistic acupuncture. I received consultation from Chong and did try the holistic acupuncture and I had the most gorgeous son and beautiful daughter to everybody’s excitement.My good blessing did not end there. Seven months later I was pregnant again naturally. I had another son Jonathan. Of course we did not go through contraception at all as we used to. Who would have ever imagined that we would have three most gorgeous healthy children in two years. Of course we use contraception now because I am not ready to have another baby yet. What a different worry do I have now!!

I truly thank Dr. Chong for all of his good effort in making my husband Tim and me such proud and happiest parents of three gorgeous children. He is a miracle doctor.

  – Cindy

Shoulder Pain

Here are the TMD-related conditions that started and persisted about two months ago and these were dragging me down mentally both at work and home:

  1. The pain starts from right behind my left ear and through left neck to the left shoulder.
  2. On a good day the pain is 2 and a bad day about 7 in the scale of 1-10.
  3. I have visited ENT and Oral surgeon about 4 times and after X-Ray on TMD, the specialists concluded that it is a muscle spasm resulting from TMD.
  4. I have a tightness on my throat. Throat has dryness and soreness that persists throughout the day.
  5. Smoking aggravates my condition so I have cut down to 2 or less a day and in the process of quitting.
  6. The stress I accumulate come from unstable working condition and the nagging pain that has persisted for the last two months.

Out of many acupuncturists I searched on the internet, I decided to consult with Dr. Chong based on his experience. While almost all the doctors in the western medicines hardly provided any treatment or guidance for my problem, Dr. Chong not only provided me medical treatment through acupuncture but also emotional support. During, treatment, Dr. Chong stated, “Our body is so complex and there is not a single discipline that could cure us all.” I completely agreed with his statement after receiving stress relieving therapy. After receiving three treatments, I am feeling much better and learning how to handle stress better. At the age of 41, I am learning that our mind including, fear, anger, stress has a huge impact on my well-being. This testimonial is real and if you are feeling lost, angry, depressed because you are in constant pain such as mine, I strongly recommend Dr. Chong. It is good to know that there are doctors like Dr. Chong who dedicate themselves to better others lives. May god bless us all.

  – Sam

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